Bra Strap Support – Silicone Shoulder Holders


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We say a big “Oh, hell no!” to shoulder discomfort and now you can too. Yes, it’s time to kiss goodbye those pesky shoulder strap slip-offs and rogue bra straps painfully digging in with your new can’t-live-without fave.

Why you need it?

The Bra Strap Support duo are your must have new faves. Our Vixxen Bra Strap Support is perfect for women blessed with big boobs to stop indents in your shoulders or for you amazing new pregnant mommas. Plus they’re made of silicone cushioned pads giving you the very best of comfort, as well as making them hella discrete.

How it works?

They’re easily attachable to your bra so you can enjoy everyday activities without experiencing pain or the slightest adjustment of your straps. Simply apply the pads on both sides of the shoulders and slip any bra strap into the insert area.