Clear Bra Straps


For secret support and flawless fashion finish, our Vixxen Clear Bra Straps won’t tell your secrets unless you do.

Why you need it?

Babes, there’s no excuse for bulky or aged bra straps when you own these. Discover for yourself why our Vixxen Clear Bra Straps are the bride’s no. 1 must-have accessory and the fashionista’s fave fashion find.

How it works?

Our Vixxen Clear Bra Straps are easy to use and take only seconds to interchange with your normal bra straps:

+ Clear bra straps look invisible on your skin
+ They are fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes
+ Practical as you can match them to any outfit you want.

Here’s how to attach to all strapless and convertible bras, bikinis and bandeaus:

+ If it’s an old bra – cut the straps and attach the new straps through the loop
+ If it is a convertible bra – unhook the old straps and connect the new straps