Why I started The Curvy Rental Boutique

So….. if you read ‘about me’ in the previous slide you would have read that I suffered from some health issues and due to medications, I put on a bit of weight.  It was one thing dealing with health issues but then to have the added pressure of putting on weight without having any control was another frustration to add to the list.

After being a relatively small person and then putting on a bit of weight, I realised very quickly how difficult it was to have availability to nice clothing. The availability to the larger sizes was so limited compared to smaller sizes? This surprised me so much, not just because it was annoying to me but it just made no sense. Does it not speak volumes when the size 14-16 (and above) sell out first?  Why are these retailers not providing more options in the bigger sizes.  The average NZ woman is a size 14-16 and yet these retailers still provide the majority of clothing in size 6, 8, 10 and 12 ??? We are not all made the same and we should all have the right to have access to gorgeous garments especially when the majority of “Kiwi’ women are in bigger sizes.

Society has made it very clear that ‘smaller is better’, ‘skinny is perfect’ but I feel very strongly about how WRONG this is.  We are ALL beautiful !! Who has the right to say what is beauty !!  

I know there is definitely a change ‘trying’ to happen but there are still the unrealistic expectations that society has bred into our brains for decades that we have to have the perfect body with no flaws whatsoever.  Our bodies are ours to own!  So, with that being said, I decided to investigate how I can provide gorgeous garments in bigger sizes for all those curvy girls out there.  Hence the start of “The Curvy Rental Boutique”. 

It became very clear though how difficult it was to obtain bigger sizes in certain brands.  I began emailing certain companies asking why they did not provide garments in the bigger sizes and some have started producing the bigger range but also some replied back saying ‘that there wasn’t a market for it”. Really !!! I beg to differ.  I can honestly say that I spend hours trying to source garments that are for us curvy women and unfortunately it is not an easy job.  Sure there are bigger sizes out there but I want my customers to have access to style, classy, funky, unique, stunning and quality garments, not something that replicates a sack.  I will never give up and will continue to source the latest fashion and the gorgeous looks for my customers. I have 200+ garments in sizes 10-20 and will continue to increase my stock weekly.  


The other issue I have is the media provided to advertise my garments.  I have always been disappointed at the lack of curvy women being used in photo shoots.  I was very aware of this from an early stage in my business.  Unfortunately I have absolutely no control over the “fashion industry” and the size of the models they choose to use. The whole purpose of my business is to provide garments in larger sizing, which I do. When I purchase the garments most of the time the only photos available are the models they have provided (who are usually a size 6-10 ) or other girls who have posted pics and they are usually a size 6-10 also meaning it’s sometimes my only option. Providing bigger sizing is to help change that! I also don’t post regularly for this exact reason, the last thing i’m trying to do is make my customers feel bad about having a gorgeous curvy figure!!!! I want more pics of what I like to call realistic bodies and be normalised on the internet. 


I want to grow my business and provide you all with stunning garments.  I am so thankful to you all for your support and hope you continue to support me as I endeavour to keep creating a business that thinks about the ‘Curvy’ women out there – so you can rock the shit out of it !! 


The Curvy Rental Boutique is for you to have access to gorgeous garments that make you feel special.. you deserve the right to look and feel AMAZING. 


Love Ella