Kia Ora! We are back! All postal rental bookings close every Tuesday at 2pm due to the postal delays. We do everything we can to get it to you on time but please understand postage is out of our control. Last minute Auckland pick ups are welcome! Happy renting babes. Ella xx

So….. if you read ‘about me’ in the previous slide you would have read that I suffered from some health issues and due to medications, I put on a bit of weight.  It was one thing dealing with health issues but then to have the added pressure of putting on weight without having any control was another frustration to add to the list.

After being a relatively small person and then putting on a bit of weight, I realised very quickly how difficult it was to have availability to nice clothing.  The availability to the larger sizes was so limited compared to smaller sizes?  This surprised me so much, not just because it was annoying to me but it just made no sense.  Does it not speak volumes when the size 14-16 (and above) sell out first?  Why are these retailers not providing more options in the bigger sizes.  The average NZ woman is a size 14-16 and yet these retailers still provide the majority of clothing in size 6,8,10 and 12 ??? We are not all made the same and we should all have the right to have access to gorgeous garments especially when the majority of “Kiwi’ women are in bigger sizes.