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Why I started the Curvy Rental Boutique

Why I started the Curvy Rental Boutique

Hey babe,


Welcome to The Curvy Rental Boutique. I'm Ella, the heart and soul behind this business. I’ve always had an eye for fashion and creative design, TCRB is a true reflection of this. Creating a fun and comfortable environment for all my customers is my main goal. The joy of helping others feel beautiful in what they wear is truly fulfilling, and seeing those gorgeous smiles during try-ons or in the lovely photos you share makes my day. Join me in embracing individual stories and celebrating the right to look and feel amazing.


I am obviously a curvy girl myself but I never used to be. I put on a lot of weight due to medications and it was an incredibly difficult experience. To my horror, I was not able to buy clothes that would fit my figure in the stores I would usually shop at. This was mainly due to the bigger sizes being sold out so quickly or from them only making tiny amounts. It was soul destroying and totally unbelievable to me that I struggled to buy most things off the rack. I was so shocked at how upsetting shopping became. Not only did my body grow but so did my bust, to the point it was so painfully uncomfortable in bras and tops also never ever fit me properly. The comments and stares were heartbreaking. I have since had breast reduction surgery that has been life-changing - although my boobies are definitely still big hehe.


I understand the struggles of finding stylish and quality garments that celebrate diverse body shapes. So… in 2019 The Curvy Rental Boutique was born. The realisation of the lack of larger sizes in certain brands only fuelled my resolve to challenge society’s “norm”. I began emailing certain companies asking why they did not provide garments in the bigger sizes and some have started producing the bigger range but also some replied back saying ‘that there wasn’t a market for it”. Really !!! I beg to differ. I can honestly say that I spend hours trying to source garments that are for us curvy women and unfortunately it is not an easy job. Sure there are bigger sizes out there but I want my customers to have access to style, classy, funky, unique, stunning and quality garments, not something that replicates a sack. The Curvy Rental Boutique is my commitment to breaking this mold and providing New Zealand wāhine with access to fabulous garments that make you feel beautiful, sexy, and undeniably FAB.


Every woman has her own story, and you deserve to look and feel AMAZING.



Ella xx

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