Kia ora! Postal bookings close every Wednesday 2pm and pick up bookings close every Friday 2pm. If you need to get in contact, please allow 1-3 business days for us to get back to you! Arohanui, Ella x


When placing and fulfilling a rental booking it constitutes as an agreement to the following terms and conditions and hiring procedure;



We accept bookings several months in advance, operating under a ‘first in, first-served policy. Under the ‘garments’ tab, you will find all our garments available to rent. Once the booking has been made, the payment is required to be paid in full to secure your booking. Courier fees will be added to your booking cart. Please note any postal bookings made after 2 PM Tuesday (Due to postal delays) is classified as a ‘Late Order’ and if for some reason the garment does not arrive in time, we are not at fault. If a postal order is booked after our cut off time, we will contact you before sending to ensure you want to go ahead. We recommend adding the Saturday delivery option at checkout (only available in Metro zones) The Curvy Rental Boutique reserves the right not to offer a refund or credit for any items that have not arrived in time for your event, cancellations or garments not fitting.


Once you have worn your rental you are not required to clean it. Just place into the prepared prepaid courier bag and return via NZ Post shop. Please hand over the counter – DO NOT PLACE IN A POST BOX. It must have the tracking code scanned. We take care of the cleaning and inspect the garment before it is ready for the next customer. It is so important that you inform us of any damage or stain so we can deal with it correctly.

If the garment requires more than just a wash – ie excessive cleaning product, soaking/scrubbing then an extra cleaning fee will be charged at our discretion. We base the fee around how much extra product was used, the time it took to clean etc.

We want you to enjoy the garment but we also want the next customer to enjoy it as well so we therefore would hope you treat the garment with the utmost care.

Although you may not be the first to wear the garment we do everything we can to keep it in the most pristine condition. Please be mindful of embellished clutches or jewellery that may snag the material, and avoid spray perfumes or beauty sprays directly onto the material. Please do not attempt to fit into a dress that is not the right size for you and force zippers etc. We will always endeavour to mention dresses that are an ‘in between size’ or a smaller fit than what their label suggests.


Please read the “Pick up info” page under the “How it works” tab for instructions.

Pick up orders are collected from:

228 West Tamaki Road, Glendowie, Auckland 1072
Search The Curvy Rental Boutique on apple or google maps for directions.

If you book a last minute pick up rental, outside of our business hours, please wait for a pick up text before turning up. I will get it ready for you as fast as possible but I no longer live where I work so bear with me. If I am unable to fulfil a last minute pick up, you will be fully refunded.

If you don’t pick up/wear the rental you booked a refund will not be available.


After your event, all you need to do is return your item back to us. If it was a postal rental we require you to put the garment inside the pre-paid compostable courier bag addressed to us, and drop it over the counter (to activate tracking), at your nearest New Zealand Post Office by 4 PM, the next business day to ensure it is received by the specified return date. If you had a pickup rental please return it to the “drop off” slot along the white wall, next to the pick up cupboard by 6PM the following business day. It is absolutely crucial that the garment is returned on time, if not posted/returned the following business day a $25 late fee per day it is late will be charged. DO NOT WASH THE GARMENT. RETURN IT AS IS.



Our parcels are sent through NZ Post via overnight courier, which is trackable via the NZ Post website or app, ( or search NZPost on app store) until they reach their specified destination. This is a fast and secure postage system, that we trust for the safe arrival and return of our garments.

After your item is fulfilled by us, and you receive the tracking number via email, it is your responsibility to ensure that the parcel arrives to you on time. We recommend tracking the package by turning on “delivery updates” on the parcel tracking page ( You will then be emailed every time the parcel is scanned. If there are any delays in transit, we recommend calling Courier Post on 0800 268 743 or NZ Post on 0800 501 501.

The Curvy Rental Boutique Ltd hereby reserve the right to deny refunds, or store credit, for items that have not arrived in time for your event. If your item has not arrived in time, we will investigate the tracking updates, and assess the situation in light of any unforeseeable events that could have delayed postage or operational failures by NZ Post. Refunds and store credit are determined on a case-by-case basis, at the full discretion of The Curvy Rental Boutique.

If you place your order after 3 PM Wednesday, we will not offer a refund for any items that have not arrived in time for your event. (Please do email us, and we can add a Saturday Courier ticket at your cost)

In the rare scenario that the parcel has been lost by NZ Post we will do our best to send a replacement in time for your event, or offer a credit note or refund.



The Curvy Rental Boutique Ltd ensures the arrival of all rental garments, and this relies heavily on timely returns. Garments can be consistently booked out and by delaying the return of a garment it can potentially inconvenience the following rental customer. No one wants to be left without a gorgeous outfit for their event. If garments are not returned on the agreed return date, late fees will be charged at $25 a day for every day it is late, per garment + the cost of any subsequent rentals that had to be cancelled due to the late return.

In the case that a garment is not returned at all, due to it being stolen, lost or kept by the borrower, the full RRP will be charged on top of the rental price that was paid.

When you hire from the Curvy Rental Boutique, you are purchasing the right to wear one of our gorgeous garments during your agreed rental period, stated on your confirmation email and in our system. Only you, the renter is able to wear your rented item and therefore it is not to be shared around to others while in your possession.



Our biggest piece of advice, when wearing a hire garment is to treat it as if it were your own. In the situation, the garment is damaged while in your care, the best thing to do is to not stress and notify us as soon as possible so we can come up with a quick solution. The matter must be emailed through to or flick me a text on 0274729843. We must be notified the day of or after your event NOT upon the return of the garment.

The following rules apply to damaged garments

  • If the garment requires excessive cleaning, extra cleaning products, scrubbing, soaking, more than 1 machine wash + extra drying time then an extra fee will be charged accordingly.
  • If the garment needs a minor repair, (e.g. zipper needs fixing, strap replacement or hem taken up as a result of damage), a fee will be charged at cost + 50% to cover my time and costs.
  • If damage inflicted by a renter affects another customer then the renter will be liable to pay any necessary costs to compensate.
  • If the garment has been damaged to the point where we need to lower the rental price then the renter must pay the difference in price x6 to compensate as well as the repair cost.
  • If the damage to the garment means it cannot be used again for rent, 100% of the “Original Retail Value” (ORV) “Recommended Retail Price” (RRP) will be charged to you. Discussions regarding the repayment of the garment can be sorted out in various ways so it is important to email or text to make the appropriate arrangements. Once the garment is paid for you will have the option to keep it. Note the ORV/RRP is found in the production description of each garment. You will receive an invoice for the replacement price of the garment or the cost of damages as determined by The Curvy Rental Boutique Limited.
  • If you, the renter fails to pay these charges you authorise The Curvy Rental Boutique Limited to seek full compensation for the full RRP of the garment, the cost of any rentals we need to cancel, late fees of $25 per day that the garment is still not returned past its rental period end date. Methods can include but are not limited to debt collection agencies. Renters must themselves cover recoverable collection costs should we need to use debt collection.The Curvy Rental Boutique Limited also reserves the legal right to take all steps necessary to receive the required compensation or fees required by breaking these terms & conditions. Such as legal action and debt collection.
We will only charge your payment method when you have not upheld your commitment to us as set forth in the Terms & Conditions/Rental Agreement.


If any damage occurs while visiting our shop you will be liable to pay.On the following business day to your rental date (If it was a weekend rental then it is due back Monday), please return to Curvy Rentals HQ by 6pm! Feel free to bring it inside or pop it in the “Drop Off” slot outside next to the pick up cupboard.