Kia ora! Postal bookings close every Wednesday 2pm and pick up bookings close every Friday 2pm. If you need to get in contact, please allow 1-3 business days for us to get back to you! Arohanui, Ella x
Please read the following info – especially if you’ve rented and picked up from our previous address before!


Now that we have a beautiful shop, the process of picking up is different. Weekend rentals (this includes Friday bookings) can be picked up on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and week day rentals can be picked up, 1-2 days before your booking date. I will send you a text once your order is ready to be picked up (For weekend rentals it is usually by Thursday midday/afternoon but please wait for the text), once you have received a message please reply letting me know your name and what time you are planning on picking up – this is crucial!

Daytime/business hours pick ups are within 10am-5pm and afterhours pick up is just whatever time suits you best whether that be 7am on the way to work or 10pm at night. The reason I must know when you plan to pick up is because it will determine whether your rental will be put in our secure afterhours pick up cupboard or be kept inside.

Masks are not mandatory in store, wear one if you please! My bubbly old chocolate labrador & Dachshund puppy will both likely be in store so please let me know if you are afraid of dogs prior to arriving.


Feel free to drive in the entrance and park in one of our car parks. If there are no spaces left continue round to the exit (We have a drive in drive out driveway) and find a park on one of the nearby roads. Once parked, come on in via the pink ramp and to collect your rental inside. DO NOT enter through the small clear door, this is not the entrance.

Please DO NOT block/park at either end of the driveway during the day as this obstructs other customers and please be mindful of the plants on either side of the driveway!


Drive in the entrance and park where you can as our bollards will likely be up (if they aren’t you’re welcome to use one of our car parks). Walk up the driveway, towards the right you will see our pick up and drop off area along the white wall. Our new and improved pick up cupboard has a touch key pad lock. Please touch the pad with the back of your hand to light it up then put in the code you were sent followed by “*” to unlock it. Once you have grabbed your rental please close the door firmly and listen for a few beeps to ensure it’s locked again.

Your rental will only be in the pick up cupboard if I was told previously you were going to be picking up after hours.

Please note the code is changed every week and the property is under 24 hour surveillance.

Pick up orders are collected from:

228 West Tamaki Road, Glendowie, Auckland 1072
Search The Curvy Rental Boutique on apple or google maps for directions.

(Apple maps will show 2 “The Curvy Rental Boutiques” 1 is our old address and say permanently closed, do not use this address)

If you book a last minute pick up rental, outside of our business hours, please wait for a text before turning up. I will get it ready for you as fast as possible but I no longer live where I work so bear with me. If I am unable to fulfil a last minute pick up, you will be fully credited.

If you book past our cut off time, you will be credited and not refunded.

If you don’t pick up/wear the rental you booked a refund /store credit will not be available.


On the following business day to your rental date (If it was a weekend rental then it is due back Monday), please return to Curvy Rentals HQ by 6pm! Feel free to bring it inside or pop it in the “Drop Off” slot outside next to the pick up cupboard.